Training is essential to the human /dog relationship. Lack of training is the #1 reason dogs are surrendered to shelters in the U.S. 
Call us before you surrender your dog or to get your relationship started out right.

Black Dog K-9 offers both private in- home training and group classes for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs.

Are you a new dog owner? 
The team at Black Dog K-9 is ready to help you with those first days of adjustment. Call us at 708-305-1322 for the advice you need. There is no charge for phone help to new adopters.

Puppy training

We offer puppy training for dogs 10 weeks 16 weeks

This special training is done in your home and can incorporate other family dogs who are healthy and have a history of friendly behaviors with other dogs. 


Call us at 708-305-1322 to schedule an appointment

Canine Good Citizen
Class covers all 10 components of the American Kennel Club CGC certification. At the conclusion of the class students will be offered the American Kennel Club CGC certification test.


AKC Urban Canine And Public Access Certification 

These classes are held in public locations and retail stores and teach all the necessary behaviors for dogs to visit and work in public.
Private training/ Off leash:
This class covers the basics for off leash work with your pal. A great starting point for off leash activities.