Private Training

Personal Training can help with behavior and training issues specific to the home environment. Some examples are resource guarding, leash aggression and pack directed dominance.  Personal training sessions start at 80.00 per session.
 We offer help with all types of training and behavior issues and work with all breeds.

At Black Dog we specialize in helping owners resolve issues with thier canine companions in everyday situations. These are the problems that sometimes cause owners to relinquish thier pet to shelters. These "deal breakers" are where we excel.
Our understanding of canine behavior allows us to get to the cause of your dogs problem and rehabilitate them without the use of shock collars and harsh punishments.
Black Dog K9 is happy to work with people and dogs who have physical challanges such as mobility and hearing impairments. Call to see how we can help. 708-305-1322

Training and Cooperation Classes

New Classes are Back

Group Training Classes resume I’m March 2023

Classes are held at the Alsip Park District Apollo Park Fieldhouse located at 12521 S Kostner Ave Alsip Ill

Please complete the registration form on this website or call 708-305-1322 for information 

Marty and Heide

Black Dog K9

Canine Good Citizen

Does your dog have what it takes to be a Canine Good Citizen?
These classes prepare you and your dog for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test. This 5 week class teaches your dog (and you) all you need to know to take and pass the test. Class fee is 125.00 and includes the test

Classes are 5 weeks and address all aspects of the American Kennel Club test.
All dogs must complete a basic obedience class to participate. 
Call 708-305-1322 for details


 Private In-Home Training
In home training and evaluations are done by appointment only.
Call 708-305-1322 to schedule an appointment today!

Semi Private In -Home Training
Would you like to get together with your neighbors and thier dogs for training and fun?
Special rates for in home classes of up to 3 dogs